Abstract City Life

LIFE IN CITIES CAN BE EXHAUSTING. TO ESCAPE THE BUSY AND CROWDED CITY, WE SOMETIMES SEEK order and SIMPLICITY, we search for the urban minimalism. I intended to CAPTURE the ABSTRACT FORMS AND PATTERNS that demonstrate the urban coldness BUT also the beauty in the life of a city.

Eisbach Welle: Waves in the river going through the English Garden in Munich are used by surfers even in winter.

Englischer Garten, München, Jan 2017 [4s, 18 mm, APS-C] 

Escalator Ride: I took the picture on my way home from work at the subway station 'Max-Weber-Platz'. I put the camera on the escalator and took a long exposure to capture its movement.

Window in the roof: This is a roof window in a gallery in New York City. The neighboring building was much higher, so you had a look on the  side of the next building. So I lay on the floor of the the gallery to take this picture. Visiting galleries is a great way to spend your Sunday afternoon in NYC, even if you are not into modern art. It is not only the pictures that are interesting!

Greenwich Village, New York City

Technical University Munich

High Line, New York City


Bend Branches, Central Park, New York City 

Central Park, New York City

Skyscrapers, Central Park, New York City

Reflections, Zoo of Frankfurt

Perspective, Englischer Garten, München

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